words out of context are just abstract thoughts - realities deprived of all realism - unrealistic realities - open to indefinite interpretations

projects from 2020 ⎼ 2023

German - Austrian artist born in 1963

I mostly work without titles because I do want to give the art lovers the freedom of interpretation, and I also do want my art to be an intuitive experience rather than an intellectual one. When given a title I intellectually point into a specific direction of perception.

Chaos follows laws (of nature, of physics) such as entropy (uniform distribution), mutual attraction and repulsion, interactions, etc. We generally call chaos something whose meaning, structures, and order we do not know or recognise. Perfect chaos is balance, harmony and beauty. The universe, nature untouched by man, are chaotic structures that are constantly changing because these laws are active, constantly working and not instead fixed.

Therefore, our reality is very fragile, especially in our time. One moment it is peace, the next it is war. We go to sleep in a democracy and wake up in an autocracy. Climate change, natural disasters. My works are abstract depictions of endangered, collapsing, tumbling, tumultuous and changing structures of any kind, be it ecological, economical, sociological, ideological or psychological nature.


fragile realities




As much as we wish for art to be accessible to everyone, the stark reality is that it is not. In this exhibition the installation showcases how something can be so close and yet so far away.

The art pieces exhibited in this show are as inaccessible to the viewer as much as art is inaccessible to most people. In this installation the paintings I exhibit are as important as what surrounds them.


This art installation serves as a reminder that silence screams louder than words and so does the absence of art. Culture is art and art is culture. Throughout history artists and art are the first to be silenced, as they are the carriers of important information and more importantly of cultural change.

If an art form is prohibited it often is the forbearer that the culture and the lifestyle that is accompanying it, will also be prohibited. We must ask ourselves what is absent and what is present, as an exact image of the socio-cultural structure and status of the community can be derived from that question alone.



“Because we've always done it this way” is a sentence that is often used to justify the wrongs that are taking place in the world. Society and individuals most of the times run on autopilot. To an extend being on autopilot is a necessity, or else we get overwhelmed with all the information available to us, with our to-do-lists.

Nonetheless we should focus our attention on what we are not reflecting on, the things we are not giving thoughts to, the things we forget about. With are you sure I am drawing attention to the things we do take for granted, how something obvious can be hidden in plain sight.


We perceive differences exclusively through comparison, but we are only able to compare within the limits of our knowledge. That is where equality and privilege come into play. If we do not compare, if we do not perceive differences, ultimately only the essence of what we are looking at remains.

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Online Art Gallery, showing a selected program of my works. Works can be purchased via website.

“Jonathan Berkh wields acrylics and Chinese ink across canvas and mixed media/blended fabrics, embedding his abstractionist vision that emerged from a need to rearrange life's structures. He deconstructs traditional canvas presentation, embodying freedom in his method, fostering a tactile relationship with his materials. His artworks are emotive journeys, casting viewers into a realm where crumbling constructs compel profound reflection and perspective shifts.” - Singulart

Want to see more?

Starting from 17.01.2024 a selections of my Works will be displayed in the Verideci Gallery in Brescia.


The fragility of reality

Laura Ettel, Patryk Senwicki and Tahnee Nordegg set out to visually capture my work process. What started out as three seperate short videos turned into a short film. This black & white interpretation of my usually very colourful art has won Best Short film at various film festivals.


Starting from 17.01.2024 a selections of my Works will be displayed in the Verideci Gallery in Brescia.

If you would like a private showning of my art work or are interested in my art work contact me.